My dear friends in Christ, God our Father has blessed us with this wonderful age of technology that we live in. Holy card images on this web site are from my private collection of antique and vintage holy cards, unless otherwise stated. They are available for saving to your computer, with the exception of images that have a copyright symbol (©) or images that if right clicked on a message pops up that says protected image/I'm sorry this image is not available for download. These images of Jesus, Mary, and the Saints deserve our utmost respect, therefore, I created a few simple terms of use to abide by:

1. Please do not link directly to any images on this web site.To do so would be stealing bandwidth. Instead right click on the image and save to your own computer or server.

2.Please do not use images from this web site on sites that have pornographic content or any site that contains links to pornographic sites.

3. Please do not use images from this web site on sites that are offensive to God such as satanic web sites or sites that contain links to satanic web sites.

4. Please do not use images from this web site on sites that use profanity or that contain links to sites that contain profanity.

5. Please do not use images or printable prayer cards from this web site for monetary gain. Since all the images and printable prayer cards are free to persons whom visit this site they should remain free.

Last but not least I hope that you enjoy these images and have fun creating projects that will bring you closer to our Lord.

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