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What is the purpose of this site?

The purpose of this site is to share images from my private collection of antique and vintage holy cards. As well as to inspire a stronger devotion to our Lord, to enflame the hearts of all those who visit with the love of Christ, to increase faith and to minister to lost souls.

What inspired you to build this site?

I began designing prayer cards on my computer years ago, my first prayer cards were rather plain until I started collecting antique holy cards. I made them as gifts for my family and friends. I felt that these antique holy card images and prayer cards were too beautiful to keep to myself....I wanted to share them with the world. My husband encouraged me to start a web site. He taught me web design and I created Holy Reflections web site. Although, I designed and built this site......I am instrument and servant of the Lord. This site does not belong to me, it belongs to the one I serve. God is my mentor and my inspiration.

I see no purchase information on your web site. What is the cost to download your printable prayer cards, stationary, and holy card images?

There is NO COST to download the printable prayer cards, stationary, and holy card images. They are FREE. I designed and created this web site out of love and for everyone to enjoy for FREE.

Do you have any special terms of use that one should follow when downloading images, etc. from your site?

Yes. Please Click Here to read my Terms of Use.

I'm having trouble viewing and printing your printable prayer cards in Netscape(or web browser other than Internet Explorer). Do you have any suggestions?

Yes I do. Adobe Flash Player has an alternate download for people with Netscape and web browsers other than Internet Explorer. To visit the Adobe Flash Player Download Center for Netscape and other web browsers Click Here.

The printable prayer cards, stationary, gift tags and treat bags are in Adobe Reader PDF Format. Where do I go to download Adobe Reader?

To visit the Adobe Reader Download Center Click Here.

Do you have special instructions for the printable prayer cards?

Yes I do. Please Click Here to read and print the instructions for the printable prayer cards.

Do you accept requests for custom prayer cards to be made?

Unfortunately, no. I am so busy with this site, my spiritual life, and home life that I am unable to accommodate custom orders.

How long have you been collecting antique holy cards? How many antique holy cards do you have in your collection?

I have been collecting antique holy cards since May 2005. Currently, I have over one thousand antique and vintage holy cards in my collection. In addition, I have a small collection of antique First Communion certificates as well.

What is the difference between an antique and vintage holy card?

Some collectors might disagree but as a general rule....antique is 100 years old or more and vintage is at least 25 years old.

I have antique holy cards, what is the best way to preserve and store them?

I have found that the best way to preserve and store your antique holy cards is by purchasing archival safe (acid free) baseball card plastic sleeves. These plastic sleeves can be inserted into a binder. The binder(s) then can be stored in a Rubbermaid container to protect them from water damage. The Rubbermaid container should be kept in a dry dark cool place because heat can melt the plastic sleeves that the holy cards are stored in. If you choose to display or frame your antique holy cards I suggest framing a scanned image of the original instead because over time sun light exposure can fade the colors on the card.

Note: Please do not use scotch tape to adhere your precious paper holy cards to an album. Scotch tape not only attracts bugs and rodents to eat away at your treasure but the adhesive on the tape will eat away at your treasure too.

Do you have a banner for this site?

Yes, I have two! To download either banner below right click on the image and save to your computer.

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