The holy card image on the left of the Infant Jesus holding His Sacred Heart up is the holy card that started it all. It sparked my devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my interest in holy cards. The story of this holy card and how it came into my Mother's possession would begin in 1953 when she joined the convent at 15 years old. During her stay she was given this holy card for her birthday by a friend. To see photos of my Mother at the convent click here. My Mother left the convent after a year and a half, before she could take the vows to become a nun. She later married and had three children (two sons and one daughter). I am the youngest child. My Mother has always been a devout Catholic. She set an example for her children by her daily prayer life and attendance of the Mass. My Mother's devotion to her faith would become my source of inspiration. Enthusiasm for God breeds enthusiasm for God. However, I did not attain this enthusiasm for God right away.

I was baptized at less than a month old in the Catholic Church. I attended two Catholic Schools. My second cousin is a nun. I am what some refer to as a Cradle Catholic. I thought that conversion was for non-believers. I was wrong. I had a lot to learn and God was about to teach me. It is not just believing in God that makes one converted. Deep conversion is an overwhelming love for God that consumes your mind, heart, and soul. God is a consuming fire. If you have ever experienced what I am talking about then you know that you weep and grieve for your past sins, your compassion and love for others is felt more intensely, and you are humbled by even your existence in this world. You begin to see God everywhere, in everything and everyone you meet. A quote from St. Gerard Majella "I see in my neighbor the person of Jesus Christ". I felt this deep conversion begin to blossom when I married and moved to a small town away from my family, friends, and a job that I enjoyed. God will often take us out into the wilderness and strip us of our comforts to speak to our hearts. I felt very lonely and knew the only way out was to turn to God. I found a Catholic Church named Sacred Heart and began to attend the daily Mass. This time I spend with Jesus made me realize that we are all surrounded by His presence continuously despite the times that we feel abandoned and alone in this world. Because it is never God who abandons us, it is we who abandon God. With a combination of the Mass and daily prayer time I became stronger spiritually. And I reconnected with my Catholic roots. God became my passion. My transformation has not ended in fact it is just beginning! It is a process of continual growth with God.

I received my love of God from my Mother, my love of collecting from my Father, and my love for antiques from his two sisters, so it seems only natural that one day I would begin a collection of antique holy cards. These old holy card images enhance your meditation during prayers and they assist you in expressing the deepest feelings of your heart and soul to God. My holy card collection has enriched my faith, renewed my spirit, and increased my joy. That is why it is so important to me to be able to share it with you. I add prayers to the back of the scanned images, laminate them and give them away to people as gifts. I have given them to strangers, the homeless, family, and friends. It is my small way of giving back what God has given to me. Remaining always grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ whom without I can do nothing. I hope that my story inspires something inside of you. May God Bless you always! Remain in the Light!     

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